OpenGovIntelligence toolkit

CubiQL API: A GraphQL service for querying multidimensional Linked Data Cubes

Table2qb: A generic pipeline for converting tabular data into rdf data cubes. The Table2qb preprocessor can be used to generate the codelist inputs for table2qb based on the components description.

Cube explorer: Web based tool that allows presenting the available data cubes characteristics, enabling basic pivot tables functionalities, and visualisation options. It integrates the Cube Visualizer and the QB OLAP Browser.

Cube Aggregator: aggregates data across dimensions of a cube. The aggregate functions supported are the AVG, SUM, MIN, MAX and COUNT.

LOSD machine learning component: enables the automatic extraction of numerous features from LOSD based on the needs of the users and the predictive scenario that is implemented.

SPARQL plugin for Exploratory

Datasciensce studio SPARQL plugin: Plug In for Dataiku's DataScienceStudio (DSS) for adding datasets being result of a SPARQL SELECT query

RDF Data Cube Validator: A collection of RDF validation queries as defined in the RDF Data Cube specification. Can be run against RDF data using RDF Validator.

Assisted Cube Schema Creator: A generic Open Refine project to model RDF data cubes schema.

Data Cube Builder: a tool for transformation of data sources in non RDF formats to RDF Data Cube.

Pilot-specific tools

Enterprise Lithuania pilot

Marine Institute pilot: Near Real Time RDF Data Cube Publishing Pipeline.

Estonian Real Estate pilot

Open Cube Toolkit

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