Irish Marine Institute

Understanding the marine environment for renewable energy production

The Irish Marine Institute pilot was designed to support planning and analysis for marine renewable energy production.

It led to the design and development of a dashboard that visualizes data collected by the Irish Data Buoy Network. This is a network of weather and wave buoys returning environmental measurements of climatological and wave conditions from around the Irish coasts. Ireland has two marine renewable energy device test sites; one in Galway Bay, which due to its location has conditions approximately ¼ scale of the neighbouring open Atlantic coast and, one off the coast of Belmullet in Co. Mayo on the North West coast that is exposed to the full scale conditions experienced by the Atlantic Coast. Both sites have wave buoys deployed to collect details of the wave conditions at the locations.

The dashboard also provides the ability to interact with plots of data collected at the site. The plots are arranged to facilitate users deriving information from the wave buoy data set. Data from the Irish Weather Buoy Network have also been incorporated into the dashboard. A user can select from a range of visualizations to quickly determine information about the site in question (e.g. prevailing wave direction or the combination of most common wave energy period and wave height). This information facilitates wave energy developers determining which devices might be suitable for testing and the energy conversion efficiency of devices deployed at a site.

You can view the dashboard here: and a longer article describing the project on the OpenGovIntelligence blog.