Lithuanian Government

Market research data for business planning

The major objective of the pilot is to support the business placement decision-making process for entrepreneurs and established businesses as well as to provide an overview of the specific business types distribution and economic activities in the country to decision makers and politicians. In particular, the rich spatial information supplied by the platform provided should enable more informed economical decisions by business owners and better economic policy design by the government.

Therefore, the pilot platform has been designed as a one-stop, easy-to-use, market research tool that helps entrepreneurs and investors analyse and compare the business environment at the municipal level. In particular, the supplied set of web-tools is intended to enable users to make data-driven decisions about opening or expanding their business activities in Lithuania, supporting the establishment and development of competitive businesses.

The application was built on top of available datasets about demographics, economics, investment, earnings. A total of nine datasets were cleansed and enriched and then converted to RDF format for the purposes of the pilot.

The dashboard is available at:

Lessons learned

The challenges experienced with this pilot led to some useful lessons learned:

  • whatever approach is taken, the availability of relevant data is pivotal to success. The lack of data or poor quality of data were major obstacles in developing the dashboard
  • multilingual datasets with poor metadata added to the challenge
  • this highlights the importance and potential value of governments making good quality open data available